The promise of containers

The promise of containers

What’s in your container? Well that will depend on where you are and what business sector you’re involved in. Containers do not come in all shapes and sizes: in truth there a just a few variations but size is not everything – some containers are refrigerated, some are smaller, some are higher but they all do the same thing. After 40 years we understand containers and in the Middle East we are leading the way in their use.

Sometimes there can seem to be a bewildering array of containers to choose from but our specialist teams at Transmar will help you decide the right one for your goods. You can choose from the standard 20-foot or 40-foot sizes which are the mainstay of the shipping industry because they conform to standard shipping equipment handling methods using ship cranes, port cranes, trucks and rail cars. If you need extra space we also have 53-foot containers and 40-foot high cubes that can carry larger cargo and are a foot higher than the standard ones.

If you have heard the expression TEU or FEU then don’t be puzzled. These refer to 20-foot containers - TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) and 40-foot containers; known as a FEU (40-foot equivalent unit). We use 40 foot containers for anything from shoes and chocolate bars through to marble tiles and cement. You provide us with the goods and we will fill a 40 foot TEU for you. But for more delicate cargo there is one other type of container that in our region is proving to be very popular and a lot cooler in style!

The word reefer refers to a refrigerated container used for temperature sensitive cargo. The flowers, fresh fruits, the dairy produce, vegetables and meats that we rely on, they will all travel in refrigerated containers. Reefers have internal refrigeration units that are connected externally to the vessels they travel on and can be connected to power sources while at a port. This is exactly what Transmar does when we handle reefers from the Port of Adabiya and through Jeddah, our hub port in Saudi Arabia and to our destinations across the region.

For most of our client journeys across the Middle East and into Eastern Africa we use standard reefer containers. We can handle special requests and with an increasing number of pharmaceutical and blood products being transported, we can certainly offer the right container for these goods. Once your goods are placed with us, put into a container and locked, then the next time it will be opened will be on arrival at the destination. Container shipping is a proven, reliable and cost-effective method of moving your goods in and out of Egypt and throughout the Gulf region. When it comes to cool, just talk to us and let us handle it for you.

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How much can you fit in a 20ft container?How much can you fit in a 40ft containerHow much can you fit in a high cube container?