Policies & Regulations

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our enduring success as an innovative shipping company has deep roots in our overriding philosophy to conduct business in a responsible and integral manner. Our employees follow a strict set of Corporate Governance guidelines, a stringent code of ethics, and a robust health and safety regime. We are committed to providing an inclusive, safe and respectful work environment.

Corporate Governance

Transmar’s employees are bound by our Corporate Governance guidelines to conduct themselves appropriately while working for the company. This means adhering to all internal rules and regulations as well to act only in a lawful manner. In addition, all staff, management, company officers and any member of the board will not enter into any conflict of interest. All business transactions are strictly monitored for a fairness-in-business approach in order to ensure that company practices are balanced and adhere to our mission and values.

Compliance & Regulatory Adherence

Transmar is a registered ISO 9001:2008 organization. We hold safety, quality and environmental protection measures in the highest regard and manage our systems and staff appropriately. Frequent reviews of all management systems assures our staff, customers, stakeholders and investors, that we follow industry best practices and are forward-looking in our day-to-day operations.

Ethics & Conduct

Transmar holds its staff and management accountable for acting responsibly and with the highest integrity in working with each other, our customers, stakeholders and industry, and in no way tolerates corrupt activities of any kind.

Health & Safety at Work

People are at the heart of Transmar, and as such, we promote and implement stringent safety procedures that all employees must follow. In this respect, Transmar provides ongoing modern safety training that adheres to the latest industry regulations and best practices, holds frequent reviews of procedures, and gives awards to those who show outstanding efforts in keeping our people safe. In keeping with our values, our safety philosophies and activities are also promoted to our customers and other business associates in order that we may all benefit from this important common goal.

Human Rights & Respect

Trust and honesty are two attributes that Transmar holds in the highest regard. We aim to treat all persons; employees, affiliates, customers, associates, stakeholders, investors, suppliers and business partners fairly and equally in all our business communications and activities.