The Customer Makes The Mark

The Customer Makes The Mark

When our customers hear from us they expect definitive answers to their enquiries about their shipments, our schedules, delivery times, pricing and a host of other issues relating to their exports. As the Egyptian container line we understand their needs and with four decades of operational expertise behind us we offer a service that works in terms of cost and an unrivalled delivery service.

One of the ways we monitor and improve our levels of customer satisfaction is to review every response to our emails: every email we send to customers means they can give us feedback and we use these responses to ensure our service levels remain at the highest level. The tag of being the leading Egyptian container line means much more to us in terms of our operational excellence than anything else. It is also why we see ourselves as partners with our customers: offering the benefits of a long-term relationship.

Recently one of our customers, a global electronics company told us "We are extremely happy with your customer service and you are stable, supportive and operate without delays."  When a giant company tells us this, we know we are on the right lines. One of the Transmar skills is to combine operational technology with people who understand your needs and can support your exporters across the Gulf region. Here we offer long-term partnerships based on experience, knowledge, the right people and dedicated container services.

This drive for improved customer satisfaction is supported by our Net Promoter Score (NPS) management tool that we use to evaluate our customer relationships. By using this we can take every piece of feedback through our emails and other customer interactions and refine and maintain our high levels of customer service. Rather than simply relying on word of mouth, we can ascertain the level of confidence our customers have in our operations and service levels though feedback from our emails. When we then say we listen to our customers, we mean it and that guarantees a true customer satisfaction level. 

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