Our services are red hot

Our services are red hot

A strange way of describing the new reefers we are adding to our fleet this year but in many ways the most apt description of what services you can expect from Transmar – Egypt’s leading container shipping line.

For Egyptian exporters the emphasis is on safe, secure and on-time deliveries for their customers. This is never more important than when dealing with perishable products and Transmar is leading the Egyptian export market in reefer shipping as more exporters talk to us about fulfilling their customers’ needs.

We can handle special requests and with an increasing number of pharmaceutical and blood products being transported, we can certainly offer the right container for these goods. Once your goods are placed with us, put into a container and locked, then the next time it will be opened will be on arrival at the destination. Container shipping is a proven, reliable and cost-effective method of moving your goods in and out of Egypt and throughout the Gulf region. When it comes to cool, just talk to us and let us handle it for you. The demand for refrigerated containers is growing and we are investing in extra capacity as a direct result of demand from our export customers.

But it is not simply foods, snacks or drinks that are the staples of our container traffic. We are working with customers looking to use reefers for pharmaceuticals and blood products, all goods that require a high degree of temperature controlled protection. Meeting this demand comes from our constant dialogue with our current and potential customers who tell us what they want on a daily basis. We have grown not simply because we have the experience, knowledge and right people to cater for Egyptian export needs but also because we make the effort to keep in regular contact with exporters. In sectors with fast changing dynamics, it makes sense to be ready to cater for requests to ensure our customers keep their customers happy.

Demand for reefers will continue to grow as the Egyptian economy generates new markets and outlets across the region for local produce, both ambient and refrigerated. Transmar is Egypt’s answer to export shipping across the Arabian Gulf and we intend to remain the name exporters ask for every time.