It’s all contained in these words!

It’s all contained in these words!

Talk to anyone about containers and they might tell you they can hold just about anything you want to ship in them. Talk to the people with knowledge and experience in handling them and the answer will be different. It’s all about forward planning, selecting the right container and finding the ideal partner. Now there’s a good way to achieve this and it’s all down to words.

As Egypt’s leading container shipping line we know what it takes to make ambient and refrigerated container traffic move and how to ensure our customers’ exports arrive safely and timely to the receiver at their destination. We have the experience, the knowledge and the skills and now that is all available in our reefer container guide. Transmar has put together this guide to help facilitate the transportation of perishable commodities such as agricultural produce using reefers (refrigerated containers) the tailored solutions for perishable goods transport. Everything from the size of your container – 20ft or 40ft or a high cube size – and the best reefer practice to adopt, is all in our free downloadable booklet.

We see ourselves as a real part of your supply chain as a reliable local partner bringing cost-effective solutions that can help to reduce waste during the delivery process.

Do you know that oranges can be injured if carbon dioxide levels are kept at greater than 5% and oxygen at less than 5%? The Transmar booklet is available free on our website at  and this details how we can help you with perishables such as potatoes, lemons, onions, grapefruits, grapes and pomegranates; how you can pre-plan your journeys and deliveries; what you need to do to book our containers and a very useful section on pre-packing of your perishables.

Working with Transmar you will discover that we spend time understanding your needs and requirements to offer you the most cost-effective and efficient solution to move your cargo. In our minds this is all about customer satisfaction and our container booklet demonstrates not only our services but also tips that will help you from departure to arrival.

If you simply want to hand over the movement of your perishable goods to a dependable Egyptian container shipping line then it Transmar you should be talking to. On our booklet has all the information you need – from container sizes and accurate tools for reefer settings; guidance on preparing your goods before containerisation through to stowing advice and a metric to imperial converter.

There is not much given away for free these days but at Transmar we consider it part of our attention to detail to ensure our customers get the most from our services. If you cannot find the information you need either on our website or in our new booklet, then simply talk to us. After all, you will be talking to the leading Egyptian container shipping line and if we don’t have the answers, then nobody else will!