Exporters need reliability

Exporters need reliability

Egyptian exporters are currently in demand with the country’s citrus season in full swing and growth in Egypt’s economy fuelling greater interest in locally sourced products. With strong support from government bodies, Egypt saw exports rise to $25 billion in 2018 with chemicals, fertilisers, food industries and ready-made garments leading the export drive. With increasing interest in Egyptian exports from both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Transmar is continuing as the leading Egyptian container shipping line to provide exporters with a comprehensive and reliable container shipping service.

Reputation is built on name, credibility and delivery: Transmar is part of IACC Holdings and is backed with the experience and knowledge of people who understand what exporters, consignees and their customers want. Our exporters are looking for flexibility and with our experience and knowledge, the details, the pre-planning and the procedures for safe transit and customer satisfaction at both ends of the supply chain come as standard. Transmar has a superb reputation for container shipping across the Arabian Gulf: we have been handling Egyptian exports for decades and understand the regional complexities and requirements for making the processes smooth, reliable and dependable for our customers.

Regional differences in export rules and regulations can be a source of frustration and delay for exporters but at Transmar we see ourselves as the partner of choice for exporters Egypt. This is important in terms of our operations: we never offer a simple service out of the box; we talk constantly to our customers, find out what they require, their destinations, their schedules and their delivery expectations. Only then can we move into action and provide them with the high levels of service we have become famous for.

Citrus is currently moving across the region in Transmar reefers but there is also a great deal of traffic in other exports using our dry containers. Our ability to reach markets in the UAE and Saudi Arabia through the ports of Jeddah and Jebel Ali starts at the Port of Adabiya, our ‘jewel in the crown’, the congestion-free port on the Red Sea that enables us to offer all customers a trouble-free and smooth supply chain. We know what Egyptian exporters need and they don’t need delays.

When our containers are locked, sealed and loaded they are on track to make those schedules work and that keeps all those we serve happy. It works as a system because we have the knowledge and experience to make it work. When we deliver it is on schedule, safely and securely. Across the Arabian Gulf region it is what Transmar is famous for.