Containing exports is a simple process

Containing exports is a simple process

Transmar has been at the sharp end of container shipping for four decades: we have become the leading Egyptian container line because we have the people, the knowledge, the equipment and the routes to keep Egyptian exports moving. But for first-time exporters and new business ventures, there is a wealth of information available to make container shipping a simple process.

The first step is to decide what sort of container you require: if you are dealing in fresh produce then reefers (refrigerated containers) will be your choice. For anything else it will be a dry container suitable for most goods: these can hold everything from household goods, white goods and furniture through to industrial products, bottled and crated cargo, heavy and even unusual sized cargo. There is even an option to move garments on hangers with dry containers fitted with simple rails for transportation.

From then on it should be plain sailing if you have prepared and packed your goods but there is help online with this stage. We have a free downloadable booklet at that outlines the steps you should take to prepare and pack cargo prior to using your selected container.

What matters to container users is security and delivery and the ability to keep their customers informed of delivery schedules. This is all down to planning and exporters need to plan ahead: containers are secure and locked but it is vital to ensure you have the right documentation, declarations and insurance before any shipments are made. In all these matters it’s best to talk to experts and in Egypt that will be us.

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