Confidence in containers

Confidence in containers

Egyptian exporters don’t simply look for container services; they look for a reliable and dependable partner. There is often a real difference and it is the main reason why Transmar has become the leading Egyptian container shipping line.

Transmar can act as a strong regional partner for exporters looking to reach new and established markets. For the past four decades our business has been based on shipping containers: understanding the procedures and ensuring a seamless connection from arrival to destination. It is what we do best in both dry and refrigerated containers. This applies to both our dry and reefer containers and at the start of 2019 we started introducing more reefers into our fleet operations from our home port of Adabiya as Egyptian exports across the Arabian Gulf increased.

Reliability is one of the key elements in our operations: with this in mind it easy for customers to keep track of their container cargo using the online tracking tool on our website. The ability to keep track of container shipments is important for exporters who are looking at ensuring their own customers know when deliveries are arriving. This is the essence of a true partnership: we understand what exporters expect from a container shipping service and our services have been fine-tuned over decades to meet those needs. But it is also our investments in the right people that are paying dividends for our services and our customers. The ability to communicate with a real person on our friendly team has long been an important facet of our service offerings and one of our customers turn to us for.

Information is what our customers want, along with advice and guidance on how to move their cargo.  We have produced an infographic on our website (click here) outlining the varieties of cargo we can carry in our containers – ranging from white goods, textiles, ceramic tiles and confectionery along with a downloadable booklet on reefer cargo with invaluable guidance on how to prepare, pack and store for the journey. Being a partner is about investing in customers’ needs and developing a working relationship to ensure quality and reliable services.

When our containers are locked, sealed and loaded they are on track to make those schedules work and that keeps all those we serve happy. It works as a system because we have the knowledge and experience to make it work. All our exporters need do is contact us and let us make their exports move.