Building on a real reputation

Building on a real reputation

We are the leading Egyptian container shipping line for a reason: established and working out of the country for decades and being a leading player across the Arabian Gulf, into Saudi Arabia and the UAE, we know what it takes to keep Egyptian exporters moving.

The citrus season is well underway and our reefer fleet is currently handling increasing numbers of oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins, pomegranates and grapefruit. But we are also one of the country’s leading players in dry container traffic covering ambient foods from Egypt through to Saudi Arabia and the UAE using the ports of Jeddah and Jebel Ali. In both cases our containers and shipping services are based on tried, trusted and reliable operations. It is the reason why we are the first name in Egyptian exporters’ minds when it comes to choosing a reliable regional partner.

Once the citrus season ends the container traffic across the region will continue to meet both seasonal and regular traffic demand. Transmar has been at the forefront of Egyptian exports not only because we are regarded as an experienced partner but because we also have the credentials to back up our promises. Time delays, missing cargo, damage, lack of tracking information – these are often cited as the most frustrating aspects of container shipping. Transmar does not have any of these issues. We have developed our services in conjunction with our customers to offer smooth flowing, hassle-free and reliable container solutions.

In many ways it is the culmination of our desire to be seen more as a regional partner for our customers rather than a mere appendage to their daily operations. We have the skills and knowledge to make container shipping a simple process for Egyptian exporters. Our choice of Adabiya Port as our home base enables us to offer exporters a congestion-free service thanks to its location on the Red Sea, its connectivity and our dedicated and flexible services. As part of IACC Holdings we have expertise to support our operations and offer exporters a comprehensive container shipping service that makes Transmar the leading Egyptian container service. To support that reputation you have be able to demonstrate flexibility and have the ability to deliver every time.

Over the next few months Transmar will be handling Egyptian exports across the Arabian Gulf into Saudi Arabia and the UAE in particular. In both dry and reefer containers we are developing new relationships with exporters and consignees who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner. In Egypt that name is Transmar.