Transmar’s mission is to provide consistent, reliable and safe shipping services to our customers by actively engaging in advancing our clients’ business goals – we honor our commitment to deliver your cargo promptly and reliably. We pledge to act as the ultimate regional partner and have a proactive role in the regional supply chain that benefits both our customers and partners. We will continue to be the number one provider of ocean cargo transport services in the regions we serve to ensure that our customers can always rely on us. Our corporate strategy is embedded in the profound belief that achieving sustainable success rests on the respect we have for the interests of employees, customers, investors and the communities in which we serve.

Employee Excellence

We believe in empowering our people through:

  • A culture of ownership and innovation
  • Protecting our staff through stringent health and safety policies
  • Fostering strong, ethical values
  • Cultivating a team spirit that rewards commitment, loyalty and initiative
  • Trusting employees to be accountable, honest and transparent


We believe in giving back to the communities we serve, and work to inspire lifelong learning while strengthening vital relationships. We are committed to respecting the environment and helping others understand that shipping can be a socially-responsible and sustainable industry.


Transmar’s vision is to:

  • Grow and develop our activities through responsive ocean transport services, never losing sight of the warmth and friendliness that our customers have come to expect
  • Nurture a motivated, innovative and dynamic employee base
  • Strongly respect our partners and investors and the expertise they bring
  • Invest in dynamic systems that enable our clients to improve the management of their supply and distribution needs
  • Consistently bring a high level of integrity, accountability, commitment and compassion to everything we do


We value integrity, honesty, and respect in all our business relationships. We pride ourselves on being a socially-responsible company that puts the safety of both the customer and our people first. We foster interactive teamwork and expect full employee accountability throughout the organization so that our customers, partners and investors can be assured we will deliver on our brand promise – to be a trusted and reliable regional partner.


Transparency is the key ingredient in all our communications. We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing and abiding by our code of ethics. We consistently operate with honesty while upholding all our values, in our methods, attitudes, behaviors and outcomes.


We make promises to our clients, and we deliver what we promise. Honoring our commitments is our top priority, and our team’s reliability is proven not only in our responsibility to delivery but also in our proactive approach in handling any challenges that come our way.


We treat our staff members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and recognize the importance of equality and diversity in our work place. Acceptance is at the core of how we work, and we always make sure to acknowledge and highly regard all efforts.

Customer Focused

We are dedicated to delivering all our customers’ needs and surpassing our client’s expectations. We know that our customers come first, and work to anticipate and fulfill all their needs.

Team Work

A company is built on its employees, and Transmar is where it is because of its team. We continuously strive to support our employees, and instill team work within them, showing pride, enthusiasm, dedication and care on both the personal and professional level.

Social Responsibility

Our responsibility towards our community and the environment is a major factor in our operations and we steer our processes to positively impact our society.