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Purchasing & Admin Executive

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Implement the admin processes, invoices and other miscellaneous payments/expenses documents for the department.

  • Responds to department inquiries and request from subsidiaries

  • Regular update the stores the archiving plan ( in & out files)

  • Retrieve files from stores when requested and keep data recording update

  • Work on daily updated the database and archiving system (laser fiche) in order to supports all related tracking systems.

  • Receive admin request from the admin help desk and respond to queries accurately

  • Provides administrative support to subsidiaries

  • Carry out purchase requests and follow procedures

  • Collect and review quotations on a regular basis

  • Creates PO and review deliverables based on the PO and approvals 

  • Handle the travel quotations ,arrangements, scheduling, conference and events and responsible for its coordination and equipment

  • Update department suppliers database and handle the renewal of suppliers contract

  • Record and update company car license, expenses and insurance…etc.

  • Record payments expenses & raise monthly invoices and reports

  • Update , review monthly and quarterly premises custodian

  • Record, update and filing to employee custodian

  • Maintain minimum level stationary supplies and coordinate deliveries.

  • Keeps minimum stationary level of stuff

  • Regular update the suppliers evaluation

  • Follow up on office maintenance and contact concerned parties: electrician, carpenter…etc.

  • Order and record canteen & cleaning supplies

  • Work on admin applications

Carry out administrative duties of the department to fulfil the needs of all employees


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent,

  • 4 + years of total relevant experience

  • Knowledge of ERP Systems is a plus

  • Reservations & Bookings

  • Budgeting Alignment

  • Financial & Accounting Analysis

  • Job-Specific Skills:

    • Ability to set up and organize database and Spreadsheets

    • Ability to efficiently use MS Office (Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint)