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Vessel Operations Executive

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Creates vessel stowage plan for terminal use

  • Analyzes stowage specifications and vessel capacity data and performs required calculations/ stowage configuration to determine appropriate container loading and placement to maximize container capacity

  • Secures a good crane split per service/port/vessel as agreed

  • Confers with Equipment team to coordinate movement of empty containers here it is strategically needed

  • Maintains or reduce costs (stand-by, restows and bunker) to minimum through an optimal stowage plan

  • Ensures instant, constant and constructive communication with Vessel Command, Terminal, and other stakeholders on relevant operations and stowage matters

  • Abides by all international laws and maritime regulations, internal guidelines and safety of vessel, crews and cargo on board

  • Responsible for Sales Force Data Entry & Updating it on a regular basis
  • Updates and reports vessel and voyage statistics and share daily on SharePoint

  • Follows up and record the actual speed, consumption of each voyage, and report any variances

  • Extracts manifest data per voyage showing detailed items as per preset template and make sure all figures are accurate

  • Analyses the operations processes and coordinates with sales and customer service departments to maximize loading of each voyager


  • Years of experience: 0-2 years, in Transport/Logistics Management

  • Computer skills: MS Office

  • Language skills: Excellent command of English